In a world of ever intensifying global competition, adept advice and financial solutions are essential to private entities and governments. Soundness of the advice is a function of the caliber and expertise of the advisor.  A thorough understanding of the situation of the client is determined by its internal and external environment, and the interconnecting factors.

Consultants Beyond Borders is a boutique advisory house with a holistic approach to its business. Our lines of business include governance, economic, financial and management advise, financial solutions (including trade and project finance), and complementing training programs. We serve both public and private sector entities

Our mission is to provide the right advice and financial solutions to our clients, generated by our quality and experienced human resources who continuously update themselves. Our core values are integrity, independence and absolute confidentiality.

In providing our services, we capitalize on a broad cadre of experts spread over the globe, a number of partner institutions, and close relationships with major international financial institutions.