Governance Advisory

For development to benefit all, the institutions and political systems must work in the interest of all citizens. Achieving and sustaining pro-poor change requires good governance: legitimate and accountable rulers, an active civil society and a responsive and capable public administration. It also requires a sound understanding of informal political structures and practices that enable people exercising their voice and realizing their rights.

Consultants Beyond Borders is committed to building governance systems that establish a capable state, encourage a vibrant private sector, and enable the poor to participate more equitably and effectively in society.

We are uniquely qualified to offer the following services. 

⦁ Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment. We help develop and implement tailored impact assessment services to clients for the evaluation of the impact of projects and programmes on people, policies, organizations, the environment etc.

⦁ Qualitative review of projects and impact assessment.

⦁ Facilitation of public interaction public discourse. We help clients facilitate public interaction events such as Town hall meeting with stakeholders in the electioneering process which includes; electorates, party members, community/traditional heads, civil society organisations representatives etc.

Detailed elements:

⦁ Design and implementation of complex governance models;

⦁ Analysis and advice on accountability and reporting arrangements;

⦁ Advice on corporate structures – creation, migration, review and reorganisation and subsidiary governance;

⦁ Regulatory and governance due diligence analysis and advice for mergers, acquisitions and disposals;

⦁ Investigations in response to regulatory interventions, service failures or corporate governance challenges;

⦁ Best practice advice on the structure and content of reports and accounts and constitutional documentation;

⦁ Advice on public/private sector integrated delivery.